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Safe workplace red First Aid Kit together with fire extinguisher are set ready in cases fi
  • The General Foreman shall call 911 if necessary and report the incident to the Energy Group Inc. Safety Team and Operations Supervisor immediately upon stabilization of the incident/accident.

  • The Safety Team Designee will Immediately contact the Energy Group, Inc. Safety Director.

  • The Operations Supervisor will immediately contact the designated customer representative.

  • The Safety Director will immediately contact the Energy Group, Inc. Executive Management Team.

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  • Secure the scene as best you can. DO NOT compromise the evidence and surroundings or move vehicles and equipment until you have been directed to do so by the Safety Team or System Owner.

  • Arrange for first aid or medical treatment as needed

  • Notify the necessary personnel (Call Tree)

  • Interview those involved and any witnesses

    • Keep all parties separated

    • Remind everyone involved that the investigation process is to learn and prevent, not to find fault.

    • Ask the individual to recount their version of what happened without interrupting

    • Ask clarifying questions to fill in missing information

    • Read back all information to the interviewee. Correct any inconsistencies

    • Ask what they think could have prevented the incident

  • Take photos of:

    • The injured employee(s)

    • Equipment

    • Vehicles

    • Environmental Conditions

    • Surroundings

    • Take photos from various angles

  • Take all Employees involved in the incident/accident to the clinic for alcohol and drug testing.

    • Post-Accident testing will be performed for all work-related incidents and accidents.  The screening must be conducted within two (2) hours of the time of the accident for controlled substances and within eight (8) hours of the accident for alcohol testing.

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