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To be successful, we need to be productive and efficient. However, neither of those matter if we are not safe. Every employee needs to go home from work the same way they came to work. Therefore, a person saying they have your back, or, I've got your 6, means they are there to help yo u out, they will watch out and take care of the things that you might miss, that they are a second set of eyes and hands for you. The Energy Group "I've Got Your 6" campaign, is to promote a culture of safety among all our employees to show each other that: "I'm looking out for you, your safety, and your well being, I've got your back, you've got


Every piece of equipment represents a possible point of failure, which is why conducting regular inspections is crucial. Befo
re every climb , the climber should carefully check whether their climbing gear is in good working condition, and, remove from service any equipment that does not pass inspection.
  • The Peer to Peer Climbing Gear Inspection is an opportunity to ensure that the fall protection and other personal protective gear used during Line Clearance Tree Trimming meets industry standards, are fit for the purpose, and are in good working order.
  • Your gear will be checked for applicable industry marks, functionality, and suitability to perform its task.
  • You must provide suitable and sufficient information to the Inspector, General Foreman or Safety Representative to allow them to make a decision on the suitability of gear that will be used.
  • If insufficient information is available, the default decision will be to reject the gear and remove it from service. If you ha ve gear that does not carry an industry mark or may not be well known, it is advisable to have written technical information from the manufacturer or other reputable so urce. Gear not recognized by the Inspector, General Foreman or Safety Representative, or gear without adequate documentation may be rejected.
  • All gear shall be capable of performing its intended task when it is inspected.
The Peer to Peer Climbing Gear Inspection is not a substitute or deviation from the climbers personal responsibility of knowing how to properly conduct an inspection of their gear, and to conduct a complete and thorough inspection before every climb.
Gear Inspection Checklist

This is a sample of typical inspection tasks for climbing and rigging gear. Refer to manufacturer instructions and guidelines for more detailed information.